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In spite of being up-to-date with your annual maintenance, you can never know when your air conditioning system would throw up an issue. You would definitely not want it to go awry in the boiling summer heat of Pompano Beach, FL area. However, if it does, the first thing you should do is to get it fixed quickly. Questions that next arise are whether it would need a major or a minor repair, if the bill would be high, whom to call or whether you have to wait long for the person to come and fix it - at Pompano Beach AC Expert, we have the answers to all your questions!

Simply dial 561-288-1765 to get all your air conditioning issues resolved, rather than wasting time in calling up an array of companies and getting nowhere in the end. We are first in line among other service providers who work round the clock and have an expert team available 24/7 to repair residential as well as commercial HVAC systems, at a rate that you can afford.

Repair vs. replacement: What do I need?

Getting rid of your broken air conditioner and buying a new one is no solution. It could burn a hole in your pockets and extract a chunk of your savings. It is unnecessary to replace your AC with a new one before its lifespan ends. Your air conditioning system can be kept running perfectly; its life extended with regular maintenance and correct usage. This will also help in keeping frequent repairs at bay. Do not go by the words of a person who suggests a replacement for your unit. Call us for a good fix of your air conditioner.

A company you can trust:

Nowadays it is quite hard to find a service provider who would suggest against needless AC repairs and replacements. With us however, you can rest assured of the right guidance. We will never extract money out of you or levy hidden charges on you. We maintain strict business ethics that make us work with honesty and transparency.

 We’ve everything WE need & everything YOU need:

We have expert professionals who can fix your air conditioner rather than pronouncing it lifeless and beyond repair, just the way any inefficient technician would do. We have a skilled team of experts equipped with the understanding of latest HVAC systems and modern tools to fix your AC unit to run smoothly. Pompano Beach AC Expert has an inventory that is stocked with high-quality component parts from some of the top manufacturers for all kinds of ACs - split, centralized or window. So, no more worrying about finding a quality substitute component for your unit! 

What we do?

  • Pompano Beach AC Expert Pompano Beach, FL 561-288-1765Fix faulty compressors
  • Repair broken condenser
  • Change blocked air filters
  • Cleaning up of air ducts
  • Charging refrigerant
  • Mending leaks in refrigerant
  • Fixing faulty compressors
  • Defrost frozen condenser pipes

With us, you would find every answer to your air conditioning problems! Call us at 561-288-1765 in Pompano Beach, FL region for affordable, quick and quality AC repair services.